Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters’ mission is to provide after school and summer mentoring for youth to develop life and work readiness skills. We use fitness training to foster a positive, healthy and conscientious lifestyle.
Heavy Hitters is committed to the development of character and positive choices through athletic pursuits in youth ranging from 5 to 18 years. Youth are teamed with coaches and mentors to develop self-respect, discipline and participate in community service.
Since its founding in 2005, Heavy Hitters has provided sports and exercise training and mentoring, keeping at-risk youth involved in positive activities and encouraging them to take out their frustrations in the gym or on the field instead of fighting.
Our Teams

Flag Football Sunday Teams

Heavy Hitters Flag Football Sundays offers youth an introduction to football. Flag football offers the opportunity to learn a sport without the traditional risks of injury such as concussion, as it is a non-contact sport. Through flag football, youth learn specific athletic skills and discipline and can participate in Sunday games. Activities take place at Wide World of Indoor Sports on Sundays with some practices during the week when field time is available. Currently Heavy Hitters sponsors 9 teams that participate in 8 week sessions. Each team maintains a comfortable team size of 10 kids which allows for every player playing time within the one hour game.

Flag Football Tournament Teams

In addition, our participation in east coast tournaments in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts culminating in league championships has set us apart as an organization that offers a competitive outlet not widely available in our area. One of our teams performed well enough to be invited to a national championship game in Orlando Florida this past January. We have offered one of the very first organized flag football tournament team opportunities in our area. This is a level of play those enrolled in the 8 week sessions can continue on to.

BOXING: Gloves Not Guns

Gloves, Not Guns Boxing is a program designed by USA Boxing and the Olympic Training Committee with the purpose of introducing boxing to at-risk youth and young adults who may not only be interested in competing but may also be interested in learning something new and interesting as a way of exercising and staying active in a team environment. This program is conducted for HH USA by certified boxing coaches in the NL Athletic Club in New London.